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Yoga for Health and Healing Yoga for
Health and Healing:

Excellent for improving health or overcoming illnesses...
I've used this book for years to end headaches, improve knees, better digestion, diminish coughing, etc. Plain language with illustrations that can be effectively used by novices and experienced people.

     --Reviewer: A reader from Red Bank, NJ

I think this book is the most easily understood, explanatory book of yoga that I have ever seen...
When I practiced yoga a number of years ago...I know that my energy levels were much improved as well as flexibility, but I had no idea that the discipline of yoga could be utilized to heal others as well as benefiting oneself. I think this book is the most easily understood, explanatory book of yoga that I have ever seen, leaving even novices of yoga to feel that we too can benefit from its use without feeling overwhelmed.... On behalf of all interested in becoming better acquainted with the art of yoga, thanks for such a well written book."
     --Reviewer: G.S., Abilene, Texas

Yoga Journal
Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, this manual of "fast-acting" kundalini yoga techniques and meditations for self-healing explains concepts like the 10 bodies, the electric force, the magnetic field, chakras, kundalini energy, kriyas, and mantra. It teaches poses for a variety of purposes, from preventing sickness to curing migraines to healing others. It's a substantial introduction to the potent yoga of Yogi Bhajan.
     --Yoga Journal, May/June 1995

These days, low-cost health care is on everyone's mind, even for those with adequate health coverage. So it may be with more than casual interest that you note the release of Yoga for Health and Healing, which is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Most intriguing is the chapter on specific physical problems--over 100 of them--with yoga poses to match. This may be the first time this encyclopedic approach has ever been applied to yoga. Also of note for those with a family member in ill health is a chapter containing exercises and meditations for healing others. The book proposes that such techniques "have the added advantage of improving the health of the sender, as one must first be healthy in order to impart health."
      --Stepping Up Toward Wholeness, March 22, 1995

Riches, fame? What most folks really want is good health.
With it, you can do anything. Without it, everything is an obstacle. And in these days, the cheaper the better, the more trustworthy the better, and the more do-it-yourself the better. This book contains a wide array of yoga postures for us Westerners, with clear drawings, simple instructions, and a wonderful introduction about yoga as a tool for self-healing. The yoga here is from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan: streamlined methods of white tantric yoga and kundalini yoga techniques. Suggestions and methods galore for particular illnesses and pains.
     --The Book Reader, Spring 1995

What's worse--a fever or smelly feet?
We'll leave that up to you because a book called Yoga for Health and Healing says that massaging your feet with half an onion will bring down a fever and help detoxify the body. There is a lot of talk about the fact that nerves in the feet reach to every part of the human body. "A pain in the foot that is not related to an injury is a sign that the body is about to become ill," Clagett said. Each part of the foot, she says, corresponds with an area of the body. The outside of your dogs, just below the pinky toe, is associated with the joints of the shoulder and arm.
      --Keith Marder, Albany Times

Yoga positions for healing over 100 specific physical problems...
Among the many books on the Keeping Healthy shelves are some outstanding ones with an unusual slant. Yoga for Health and Healing, compiled by Alice Clagett from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., offers easy-to-follow outline sketches of streamlined and efficient yoga positions for healing over 100 specific physical problems. Standard states such as headache, colds, and flu and back problems are covered as well as less ordinary challenges like improving hearing, restoring natural hair color, establishing menstrual regularity when going off the pill, and rebuilding from drug damage and dependence. In addition, the 8-1/2 x 11" paperback manual includes sections on Key Areas in the Body, Basics of Yoga, Yoga as a Tool for Self-Healing, Yoga Sets for General Health Maintenance, and Healing Others.
      --June Rouse, "Breakthrough Books"

Yoga for Health and Healing: What's It All About?
How can you use yoga maintain your body in a healthy state? What meditations can you do to heal others? What lifestyles will keep you healthy year after year? These questions are answered in the book "Yoga for Health and Healing."

It will teach you easy yoga techniques to heal over 100 specific physical problems -- addiction, stress, headaches, backache, colds, constipation, menopause, sinus problems, and sexual potency, to name a few.

This profusely illustrated, 141-page book offers simple explanations of yoga as a tool for self-healing (the electric force, the magnetic field, the life force, the chakras, the pineal gland, the nadis, and how to awaken the kundalini energy), yoga basics (kriyas, mental focus, breath techniques, mantras, postures, mudras, body locks), and key areas in the body for staying healthy.

You can try this book with no risk whatsoever -- we offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.  If you aren't pleased with it for any reason, return it to us for a speedy, cheerful refund."

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